Hadoop Fundamentals


This Hadoop Fundamentals course teaches you the basics of Apache Hadoop and the concept of Big Data.


  • It takes you on a journey that explains the Hadoop conceptual design
  • It looks how to use the application and then manipulate data without the use of complex coding.


  • This course targets it professionals that want to start learning Hadoop.


  • Participants of this course need to have some understanding of Java/Python  programming and SQL.


  • Hadoop 3: Background and Introduction
  • Planning and Setting Up Hadoop Clusters
  • Hadoop Distributed File System
  • Developing MapReduce Applications
  • Building Rich YARN Applications
  • Monitoring and Administration of a Hadoop Cluster
  • Demystifying Hadoop Ecosystem Components
  • Other Topics in Apache Hadoop

Hadoop 3: Background and Introduction

  • How it all started
  • What Hadoop is and why it is important
  • How Apache Hadoop works
  • Hadoop 3.x releases and new features
  • Choosing the right Hadoop distribution

Planning and Setting Up Hadoop Clusters

  • Prerequisites for Hadoop setup
  • Running Hadoop in standalone mode
  • Setting up a pseudo Hadoop cluster
  • Planning and sizing clusters
  • Setting up Hadoop in cluster mode
  • Diagnosing the Hadoop cluster

Hadoop Distributed File System

  • How HDFS works
  • Key features of HDFS
  • Data flow patterns of HDFS
  • HDFS configuration files
  • Hadoop filesystem CLIs
  • Working with data structures in HDFS

Developing MapReduce Applications

  • How MapReduce works
  • Configuring a MapReduce environment
  • Understanding Hadoop APIs and packages
  • Setting up a MapReduce project
  • Deep diving into MapReduce APIs
  • Compiling and running MapReduce jobs
  • Streaming in MapReduce programming

Building Rich YARN Applications

  • Understanding YARN architecture
  • Key features of YARN
  • Configuring the YARN environment in a cluster
  • Working with YARN distributed CLI
  • Deep dive with YARN application framework
  • Building and monitoring a YARN application on a cluster

Monitoring and Administration of a Hadoop Cluster

  • Roles and responsibilities of Hadoop administrators
  • Planning your distributed cluster
  • Resource management in Hadoop
  • High availability of Hadoop
  • Securing Hadoop clusters
  • Performing routine tasks

Demystifying Hadoop Ecosystem Components

  • Understanding Hadoop’s Ecosystem
  • Working with Apache Kafka
  • Understanding Hive
  • Using HBase for NoSQL storage

Other Topics in Apache Hadoop

  • Hadoop use cases in industries
  • Advanced Hadoop data storage file formats
  • Data analytics with Apache Spark

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