HCIA Storage


HCIA-Storage is an IT convergence certification. This certification is aimed at a comprehensive storage technology of modern information management requirements and is an entry-level certification for any IT engineer or technical student interested in storage technology.

HCIA-Storage introduces how storage supports the development and application of new IT frontier technologies (such as AI, big data, cloud computing). It further elaborates the key roles of storage in the entire IT development. A more general and systematic explanation of the storage knowledge will be made to simplify some of the repetitive, outdated, or actually less-used technologies and solutions, so that the overall storage knowledge is more forward-looking and practical. The content of this course includes but is not limited to the following parts: Storage cutting-edge technology and trends, storage application technologies in AI, big data and cloud computing, storage ecosystem introduction, business continuity solution, storage system routine maintenance and troubleshooting in data center, etc.

With HCIA-Storage certification, you demonstrate the deep understanding of the storage system and storage network technologies, master the general technologies and applications of storage systems, and assist in the design and deployment and management SAN and NAS storage networks and Huawei storage device implementation and assist with design capabilities. With engineers who are HCIA-Storage certified, enterprises are able to build SAN and NAS storage networks, and it also has the ability to operate and manage Huawei SAN and NAS storage systems and networks.

This 3 day HCIA Storage course prepares you for the H13-611 exam.


  • Upon completion of this program, the participants will be able to:
    • Understand how storage supports the development and application of Cutting-edge new technologies (Such as AI, Big data, cloud computing);
    • Understand the key role of storage in the entire IT development;
    • Master storage ecosystem knowledge and have a more in-depth and systematic understanding of storage common technical knowledge;
    • Master business continuity technology and application knowledge, and have a deeper understanding of the data center backup solution and disaster recovery solution;
    • Perform data center storage management and maintenance operations.


  • Those who want to be storage engineers;
  • Those who want to achieve HCIA-Storage V4.0 certification;
  • Administrators of storage array


  • Have basic network knowledge
  • Have basic computer knowledge
  • Have basic knowledge of Windows/Linux


  • Storage cutting-edge technology and trends
  • Storage application technologies in AI, Big data and cloud computing
  • Storage ecosystem introduction
  • Business continuity solution
  • Storage system routine maintenance and troubleshooting in data center

Storage cutting-edge technology and trends

  • Storage definition and development history
  • Storage technology evolution
  • Storage frontier technology
  • Storage products and solutions

Storage application technologies in AI, Big data and cloud computing

  • ICT technology development trend
  • Cloud computing storage application technology
  • AI and big data storage application technology

Storage ecosystem introduction

  • ICT architecture
  • Storage system structure
    • Storage System Architecture
    • Storage components
    • Huawei storage product introduction
  • Introduction to common storage protocols
    • SAN storage protocols: SCSI, iSCSI, FC, SAS, IB, FCOE, etc.
    • NAS Storage Protocol: CIFS, NFS, FTP, HTTP, etc.
  • Storage networking technology
    • DAS networking technology and application
    • SAN networking technology and application
    • NAS networking technology and application
  • Storage Reliability Technology
    • RAID protection technology
    • Host multi-path technology
    • Hard disk reliability technology
  • Common storage advanced technologies
    •  Thin provisioning technology (SmartThin)
    •  Storage Tier Technology (SmartTier)
    •  Quality of Service Control Technology (SmartQoS)
    •  Cache partitioning technology (SmartPartition)
    •  Snapshot Technology (HyperSnap)
    •  File System Quota Management Technology (SmartQuota)

Business continuity solution

  •   Business Continuity Plan Overview
  •   Backup scheme technologies and applications
  •   Disaster Recovery Solution Technology and Application

Storage system routine maintenance and troubleshooting in data center

  • Data center basics
  • Data center storage system management
  • Daily maintenance of data center storage

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