HCIP Routing & Switching Fast Track


The HCIP Routing & Switching Fast Track course allows those who already have a knowledge of Routing & Switching equivalent to that provided by the courses listed in the prerequisites, to follow a shorter course than the full courses (HCIP-IERS + HCIP-IENP + HCIP-IEEP) to prepare for the HCIP-R&S (Composite Certification Training) exam.

This 5 day HCIP Routing & Switching fast track course prepares you for the H12-224 exam.

Online Course

Enroll to access these online (MOOC) HCIP Routing & Switching courses – IERSIENPIEEP – that will help you prepare for the big training day. Make sure you take the time to work through as much of the content as possible to ensure a better instructor-led experience.


The course is aimed at technicians who must take the HCIP certification exam having already acquired knowledge equivalent to that provided by a similar certification with other vendor


Equivalent certification from another vendor, like Cisco Certified Network Professional


  • Ethernet Technology
  • VLAN
  • Huawei Ethernet Switches
  • IP Basics
  • OSPF Routing Protocols
  • BGP Routing Protocols
  • Routing and Routing Control
  • Multicast Protocols
  • NE Routers
  • Network Security
  • High Availability HA
  • QoS

Ethernet Technology (hands-on)

  • Ethernet evolution process,
  • Port auto-negotiation technology,
  • Port trunking,
  • Port mirroring,
  • Working principles of a Layer 2 switch
  • Working principles of a Layer 3 switch

VLAN (hands-on)

  • 802.1Q encapsulation and implementation of VLAN in Huawei products
  • Inter-VLAN routing, Super VLAN, MUX VLAN, ARP proxy, and VLAN mapping
  • GVRP principles, configuration, and implementation
  • QinQ principles, configuration, and implementation

STP/RSTP/MSTP (hands-on)

  • STP principles and configuration
  • RSTP principles and configuration
  • MSTP principles and configuration
  • Network Access Technology
  • 802.1X access authentication techniques and principles
  • DHCP principles and extended switch feature, DHCP snooping

MPLS VPN (hands-on)

  • MPLS principles and implementation
    • MPLS frame format and encapsulation,
    • MPLS data forwarding process,
    • LDP neighbor discovery and session establishment,
    • LDP label management
    • MPLS loop avoidance
  • Basic principles and implementation of MPLS VPN
    • Single-domain MPLS VPN principles,
    • Implementation and application of OSPF in MPLS VPN
  • MPLS VPN fault diagnosis
    • Troubleshooting roadmap and debugging methods of control plane faults
    • Troubleshooting roadmap and debugging methods of data plane faults

Huawei Ethernet Switches (hands-on)

  • Hardware structure and working principles of Huawei switches
  • VRP software features of Huawei switches

IP Basics (hands-on)

  • IPv4 address planning
    • Classless IP address planning
    • Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR)

OSPF Routing Protocols (hands-on)

  • Basic principles of link state routing protocols
  • OSPF principles, configuration, and implementation
    • Neighbor and adjacency
    • Protocol packet and LSA
    • Database synchronization,
    • Intra-area route calculation
    • Inter-area
  • Route calculation, and external route calculation
  • Principles and configuration of OSPF special areas: stub area, totally stub area, and not-so-stubby area (NSSA)
  • Basic methods of OSPF fault diagnosis

BGP Routing Protocols (hands-on)

  • BGP principles: AS, BGP neighbor, route distribution methods, and route advertisement rules
  • BGP path selection
  • BGP route aggregation
  • BGP routing policy: common attributes and routing policies of BGP
  • Basic principles and configuration of BGP route reflection and AS confederations for BGP
  • BGP multi-homing
  • BGP fault diagnosis methods

Routing and Routing Control (hands-on)

  • Route filtering by using filtering tools such as ACL, route policy, IP-prefix, and AS-Path
  • Mutual route import between IP routing protocols and advertisement of default routes
  • Policy-based route

Multicast Protocols (hands-on)

  • Basic principles and configuration of IGMPv1/v2/v3 and IGMP snooping
  • Basic principles and configuration of PIM-DM and PIM-SM

NE Routers (hands-on)

  • Hardware structure and working principles of NE routers
  • VRP software features of NE routers

Network Security (hands-on)

  • Basic concept of network security and basic functions and principles of firewall
  • Firewall NAT technology and anti-attack techniques
  • Dual-node cluster hot backup technique of firewall
  • Knowledge and networking application of Eudemon firewalls of Huawei

High Availability ,HA (hands-on)

  • Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD) principles
  • Basic principles of VRRP,IP Reroute,FRR
  • Principles and networking applications of NSF and GR

QoS (hands-on)

  • IP QoS model and differentiated services (DiffServ) model
  • Basic principles of classification and marking, traffic policing and shaping, congestion management, congestion avoidance, and link efficiency mechanisms
  • Class-based QoS principles

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