Red Hat OpenStack Administration I: Core Operations for Domain Operators – CL110VC (e-Learning)

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Learn to operate a Red Hat® OpenStack Platform private cloud and manage domain resources to secure and deploy modern, scalable cloud applications, networks and storage

Red Hat OpenStack Administration I: Core Operations for Domain Operators (CL110) teaches you how to operate and manage a production Red Hat OpenStack Platform (RHOSP) single-site overcloud.

You will learn how to create secure project environments in which to provision resources and manage security privileges that cloud users need to deploy scalable cloud applications. You will learn about OpenShift integration with load balancers, identity management, monitoring, proxies, and storage. You will also develop more troubleshooting and Day 2 operations skills in this course.

This course is based on Red Hat OpenStack Platform 16.0.

Students in the Red Hat OpenStack Administration I: Core Operations for Domain Operators (CL110) course will focus on performing both routine and specialized tasks that are necessary to manage a production OpenStack overcloud domain. Students will manage OpenStack using both web-based and command-line interfaces. Essential skills covered in the course include the following:

  • Launch instances to satisfy various use case examples.
  • Manage domains, projects, users, roles, and quota in a multitenant environment.
  • Manage networks, subnets, routers, and floating IP addresses.
  • Manage instance security with group rules and access keys.
  • Create and manage block, object and shared storage within OpenStack.
  • Perform instance launch customization with cloud-init.
  • Deploy scalable applications using stack templates.
Este curso e-learning inclui:
  • Conteúdos disponíveis 24/7
  • E-book e Hands-on Lab
  • O curso oficial Red Hat em e-learning tem a duração de 90 dias. No entanto, por forma a alcançar melhores resultados na aprendizagem, a Rumos aconselha a realização do curso em 60 dias. Para tal, o formando irá contar com:
    • 4h de apoio Rumos em formato síncrono (online em tempo real)
      • 1 sessão de Kick Off de 1h para orientação e esclarecimento de dúvidas
      • 1 sessão de Q&A de 3h que ocorre 60 dias após a sessão de Kick Off


Este curso também está disponível no formato Presencial / Live Training. Para mais informações aceda ao link: Red Hat OpenStack Administration I: Core Operations for Domain Operators (CL110)


for the organization

This course is intended to develop the skills needed to utilize and manage the daily operation of a private cloud. A private cloud can reduce costs through fine-grained resource control, simplifying regulatory compliance, and permitting easier integration with legacy systems.

Using the skills taught by this course, users and operators will be able to create and use project resources built of networks and services running running templated applications, in customizable and adaptable configurations, virtually eliminating the need to build physical systems for any new projects. This release brings major enhancements and stabilization, including service containerization, new installation and management tools, a newly designed application load balancing component, and a significant expansion of features supported by the OpenStack CLI. Also, clients can use various installation tools, most noticeably PackStack, which is completely deprecated.

for the individual

As a result of attending this course, you will understand the architecture of a private or hybrid OpenStack cloud infrastructure and will be able to create, manage, and troubleshoot software-defined network services, resources, servers, and applications for dynamically scalable business environments.

You should also be able to demonstrate these skills:

Design and implement on-demand projects, software-defined networks, and virtual machine instances.
Deploy a proof-of-concept OpenStack installation for practice, development, demonstration, and testing, back in your own home or business computing environment.
Manage software-defined networks such as subnets, routers, floating IP addresses, images, flavors, security groups/rules, and block and object storage.
Create and customize advanced VM instances as applications, customize on deploy, and create scalable stacks of multiple VM applications.


  • This course is designed for cloud users who deploy application instances and stacks, domain operators who manage resources and security for cloud users, and any other cloud personnel interested in, or responsible for, maintaining applications on private or hybrid OpenStack clouds.
  • Any cloud persona, or personnel with roles that include performing technology evaluation, should attend this course to learn RHOSP operation and application deployment methods.


Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA®) in Red Hat Enterprise Linux® certification or equivalent experience.


  • Introduction to Red Hat OpenStack Platform
  • Manage application projects in a multitenant cloud
  • Manage OpenStack networking
  • Configure resources to launch a non-public instance
  • Configure virtual machine system disks
  • Provide additional storage strategies
  • Configure resources to launch an instance with public access
  • Automate customized cloud application launches
  • Manage cloud application placement

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Red Hat OpenStack Administration I: Core Operations for Domain Operators – CL110VC (e-Learning)

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